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KDD Golf Mat Tees, Golf Simulator Tees, Winter Golf Tees (Pack of 10)

KDD Golf Mat Tees, Golf Simulator Tees, Winter Golf Tees (Pack of 10)

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KDD Golf Mat Tee, Golf Simulator Tee, Winter Golf Tee (Pack of 10)

The KDD Golf Mat Tee is made of durable TPU (thermoplastic). The tee is flexible and can withstand fast swing speeds with ease. The tee can be used on any golf mat. Useful at the driving range or in golf simulators. The dark blue color of the tee helps vision-based launch monitors pick up the ball due to the sharp contrast. The soft material will not damage simulator screens.
The tees are available in 3/4" (19mm), 1 1/4", (30mm), 1 5/8” tall (41mm), and 2 1/4" tall (57mm). Allows the use for large driver heads. It can be cut down to make smaller tees if required.
The tee is easy to setup and holds the ball securely. Suitable for all ages. Can be used indoors, where you can’t use a normal tee, and outdoors.

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